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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Talent500 launches TalentInsights: AI-powered recruiting solutions to help leading businesses build their global teams 60% faster

India, 23 January 2024: Talent500, the global work platform for leading businesses, has launched TalentInsights, an AI-powered solution to source, screen and hire professionals, at 60% higher efficiency. The unique tool captures impressive metrics, offering a 3X boost in recruiter productivity, an 90% increase in accuracy, and reducing cost-per-hire by almost half. In addition, TalentInsights demonstrates the potential of AI on improving diversity with over 35% higher applications from underrepresented demographics.


Operating on an integrated nexus of conversational AI across voice, video, and chat platforms, TalentInsights creates a seamless and personalized candidate screening experience. At its core is the “Fitment Score,” a groundbreaking feature delivering over 90% accuracy identifying the ideal candidates for any role. The solution often overcomes the resource-intensive traditional challenges in recruiting including manual screening, faulty selections and gender-based biases, while significantly reducing human error and improving effiency. TalentInsights bridges this gap, offering an AI-driven solution that promotes objective, data-backed hiring decisions. 


Built atop Nova, the custom-designed Large Language Model (LLM), the hiring solution has been fine-tuned to deliver outcomes based on ANSR’s 18 years of GCC leadership expertise, and experience of sourcing 150,000 professions for the industry. 


Nova has been trained to showcase a deep and nuanced understanding of global talent dynamics and is constantly evolving to better results with each hire. This unique solution analyzes top-performing businesses across every industry to uncover the early indicators of success for its clients, providing detailed recruitment forecasts, trends & market intelligence.



Global Capability Centers today employ to 1.6 million professionals and is growing at an annual rate of 12%-15%. This growth trajectory forecasts that the industry will amass as many as five million professionals in the coming five years. As part of ANSR’s ‘GCC Superapp’ stack, TalentInsights addresses the specific speed and quality challenges faced by leading enterprises setting up global centers. 


Innovative Features for a Diverse Hiring Landscape include: 


AI-Driven Bias Elimination: Ensuring fair and merit-based screening by screening profiles devoid of any PII, gender, background information


Personalized Screening: A unique conversational interface across multiple platforms allows you to screen multiple candidates at-once 


Recruiter Copilot: Tools and insights for recruiters to spend less time on manual screening and more time engaging the right candidates


Enterprise-Ready: Enhances hiring processes within ANSR’s proprietary Applicant Tracking System “Leap”, but also integrates with leading ATS systems globally


Vikram Ahuja, Co-founder, ANSR and CEO, Talent500, said: “We live in a world where every business is a technology business. As the demand for top talent heats up and as more leading businesses setup global centers, we recognize the need to help the world’s best companies find the right candidates at the right speed and cost. TalentInsights uses the power of AI to revolutionize and expedite the recruitment process. By providing advanced AI-driven insights, TalentInsights enables Global Companies to optimize their hiring strategies and accelerate outcomes, while improving efficiencies and reducing bias.”


With its commitment to continuous improvement, Talent500 will continue to enhance its platform based on user feedback and industry best practices. The company provides exceptional talent acquisition and management solutions, empowering businesses across the globe to make strategic hiring decisions and build high-performing global teams.

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